Molokini Crater
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Descending into Molokini Crater

On our first two visits to Maui, Cody and I never got around to visiting the Molokini Crater. Crazy, right? Well the third time was the charm, and since I was certified this time around, I was able to schedule a scuba dive down into the crater. After browsing a few websites and looking through Maui Revealed, I found that… Continue reading Descending into Molokini Crater

Scuba Diving Molokini Crater
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Blowin’ Bubbles: Under the Sea in Maui

I have dreamed of channeling my inner-mermaid and becoming a scuba diver for most of my life, so when I finally completed my SCUBA certification two years ago I was head over fins excited! I convinced my husband to get certified six months later (to be fair, I think my night dive with the Manta Rays did more to convince him… Continue reading Blowin’ Bubbles: Under the Sea in Maui

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A Maui Roundup

Back in July I began a new series called, “The Roundup” which basically recaps our most recent adventure, and includes location tips, lessons learned, and things we will change on our next visit. I’m notorious for packing too much into our vacations, but to be honest, this is by design. If we decide to skip an activity… Continue reading A Maui Roundup

Turtle Town II, Pride of Maui
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The Dive Log: What’s in a Name…

After an eventful dive at Molokini Crater, the anchored was lifted and we cruised north to our next dive destination of the day. Along the way, the Pride of Maui offered an incredible lunch buffet which included hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, pasta salad, vegetables, rolls, dessert, and more–and they will also provide vegetarian options if you give them advance notice.… Continue reading The Dive Log: What’s in a Name…

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My Perfect Day on Maui (Part 2)

Maui. One of my favorite islands in the whole world. As the second largest island in the Hawaiian chain, there is so much to see and do that you simply can’t cover it all in one visit (unless your visit ends up being permanent, in which case, please tell me all your secrets). 🙂 We covered… Continue reading My Perfect Day on Maui (Part 2)