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A St. Kitts Surprise

Our day in St. Kitts is not over yet! (If you didn’t read about our previous St. Kitts adventure, read about it here). After spending a fun day in the sun on Banana Beach, we walked over to the Reggae Beach Bar to cool off and wait for our taxi. To our surprise, this bar was filled with college memorabilia and of course, front and center, was the flag of our favorite college team:

Go Dawgs!

As we waited, we noticed that the beach had a small petting zoo. Wait, whhhaaat? Upon exploration, we read a sign that explained the animals in the small zoo had been abandoned and taken in by the workers of the surrounding bar and restaurant. I walked the area and noticed that the monkeys would get very upset when the visitors paid more attention to the goat right next to their cages, instead of the monkeys themselves. 🙂 I guess they didn’t like sharing the attention, or more specifically, the chicken nuggets that the bar patrons would feed them.

Zoo on Reggae Beach–St. Kitts

I then found myself wayyyy too close to a giant, 500 pound (maybe that’s a slight exaggeration), wild boar laying in the shade. I learned that his name was Wilbur, and I had to restrain my urge to RUN when I saw his big teeth and massive stance. Wilbur was enjoying his nap during the hot afternoon, so I quickly snapped a few pictures and happily put some distance between myself and Mr. Wilbur.

St. Kitts has a lot to offer: the rainforest, the culture, the beaches, the island, there was way too much to explore all in one day. The next time that I visit, I want to take a trip across the Narrows to explore Nevis as well as venture into the rainforest on St. Kitts. Sounds like another trip will have to be added to my bucket list of vacations.

And so the adventure continues…

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