Q: How do you afford to travel so often?

A: This is hands down the most frequently asked question found in my comments and my inbox. Click on the link above for my tips and tricks to add more travel to your life. Because let’s face it, we could all use a little more travel in our lives… now if I could just figure out how to accumulate more vacation days…

Flying into Kauai

Q: What should I pack?

A: Well, that depends on where you are going. 🙂 I’ve blogged about my packing list for Hawaii and Thailand, so if you’re headed to either of those locations check out those links.

Kate Spade Suitcase

Q: Where should I stay on Maui?

A: Here’s a fun trivia fact: I have only posted three lodging reviews in my four plus years of blogging. I’ve avoided writing about where we stay because lodging is SO subjective. Some people love luxury and only stay in five-star resorts, and some people are budget-minded and don’t mind forgoing some of the amenities that come with a fancy (read: expensive) resort. I recently found a hidden gem in Maui that I can’t stop gushing about, and I have also reviewed two lodging alternatives on Maui’s sunny west side: one of our favorite go-to condos and an incredible luxury resort along the famous Ka’anapali Beach.

Nahiku Cottage8

Over the last five years, we’ve been lucky enough to visit the magical Hawaiian islands eight times (and counting) and I’ve had many people reach out for advice on where to stay. So I guess it’s time to change my dodging-lodging-review-ways. Subscribe (if you haven’t) and watch for some Hawaii lodging advice coming your way soon.

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