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Maui Livin’: A Week of Luxury

Home Sweet (second) Home!

If I had a dollar for every time I thought about Hawaii, I’d be RICH! Using a conservative estimate, I would probably be at least a Billionaire by now. 😉 My obsession with Hawaii continues to grow with each and every visit and I can’t help but be completely fascinated with all things involving those incredible islands: the culture, the food, the experiences, the surf competitions, the sites, and the amazing community, just to name a few. It’s a place where I feel like I truly belong and a place that brings me peace.

Aside from staying up-to-date on Hawaii’s happenings when I’m on the mainland, I often find myself researching new things to do, new restaurants to try, and new places to stay for our next visit on the horizon. We’re no stranger to the many different types of lodging available on the islands, and Maui is no exception — we’ve spent a couple of nights in the middle of the jungle near Hana, we’ve stayed in a few different condos along Maui’s west side (including our favorite pent-house condo with dream-like ocean views), and on our most recent trip we spent an entire week living in luxury.

Westin Maui

Throughout my research I’ve often daydreamed about the beautiful resorts dotted along Maui’s famous Ka’anapali Beach, and the time had come to stop dreaming and start doing. With six additional family members in tow, this was the perfect time to finally stay along that famous stretch of sand.

The Westin Maui caught my eye from the beginning with its exotic tropical grounds, dramatic waterfalls, and resident wildlife — including five outrageously-cute pink flamingos and a graceful black swan. As I read about the four different pools (complete with a water slide and secret grotto) I realized that this resort had it all, and the absolute best part was the unbeatable location.

Westin Maui Resort

Sunset walks along the beach at the Westin Maui
Sunset walks along the beach at the Westin Maui
A beautiful day on Ka'anapali Beach
A beautiful day on Ka’anapali Beach

Not only does the resort call Ka’anapali Beach Home but it’s also next door to my favorite shopping destination on the West Side: Whaler’s Village. With a plethora of shopping and dining options it has a little bit of everything, and I can’t mention Whaler’s Village without mentioning my favorite beachside restaurant on Maui: Leilani’s on the Beach. (Mmmmmmmmm… Does anyone else hear those Angel’s singing? No? Just me…?) 🙂 Most nights my family and I would walk next door to browse our dinner options simply because of the convenience factor.

I loved starting my mornings with coffee and a quiet walk along the beach path and my favorite way to end our evening was a moonlight stroll along the beach after dinner. Our afternoon whale watch with Trilogy Excursions even departed right from Ka’anapali Beach which was an additional luxury — we were spoiled with the convenience of being right in the middle of it all — and I loved every single second of it.

Westin Maui
Palm tree views from the room and my favorite flowers all around the resort

Our memories at the Westin Maui will go down in the books as absolutely fantastic; and while this trip was a definite splurge, I am whole-heartedly looking forward to staying here again in the future.

Cheers, Westin Maui!
Cheers, Westin Maui!
A Westin Maui Sunset
A Westin Maui Sunset

Have you stayed along Ka’anapali Beach?


19 thoughts on “Maui Livin’: A Week of Luxury”

  1. I have been to Maui. My parents and brother have place in Hanna it’s nice place. I love to move to Maui but I wouldn’t like driving HWY to Hanna but love to watch out the window when someone else is driving. I am hoping to go back this yr in oct

  2. We spent a couple of nights at the Sheraton, which has a super-nice pool area. Unfortunately, because there was a tropical storm going on the two nights we stayed, we weren’t able to truly appreciate the beach 😦 Love Hawaii, and look forward to spending more time in the islands!

    1. The Sheraton does have a great pool! and such an awesome location in front of Black Rock 🙂 Sorry to hear about the tropical storm, hopefully you were able to enjoy the incredible resort.
      I hope you get to visit again soon!!

  3. Hey Krystle, we stayed at the Westin Maui too…. It’s pretty amazing, where you can snorkel right by the beach. Did you also see the evening rock jump ceremony?

    1. Glad you loved it as well, the resort is beautiful . Black rock is incredible, isn’t it! We’ve snorkeled there quite a bit throughout our trips, and on this trip it was so convenient to walk there instead of trying to find parking and all that.
      Yes, we’ve been to the evening black rock ceremony. It’s really neat. We try to see it at least once on every trip. 🙂
      Have a great day!

  4. Our favourite island, although we prefer the quieter life in Kihei. However, we do visit Lahaina and Whaler’s Village at least once every visit. Looking forward to some more posts with your activities.

    1. Andy and Judi,
      If you don’t mind me asking, where do you stay in Kihei? We’ve never stayed in south Maui, but I’m always looking for new places and recommendations. 🙂
      Thanks for always stopping by and reading, I appreciate you two. Adventure posts coming up next week. 🙂

      1. Hi Krystle,

        Not a problem. When visiting any of the islands we stay at one of our Worldmark timeshare condos, of which we have 2 on Maui. Our preference is the Kihei one, which is located on S Kihei Road at Alanui Ke alii. Normally we head over for between 6 to 8 weeks, but this year we are only going for 2 weeks in middle of April.

        Being a little older we prefer a more laid back lifestyle of Kihei, and we find Kihei has easier access to/from the airport and the road to Hana/Haleakala and the various attractions up country.

        1. I’ll have to look into the Worldmark timeshare at some point. I’ve heard about it, just haven’t ever taken the next step to do all the research.
          I would love to stay for 6-8 weeks at a time. That sounds wonderful. Maybe one day, if we aren’t already there permanently. 😉
          Thanks for sharing your lodging info. I’ll have to check out Kihei lodging on our next trip to Maui. I hope you have a fabulous vacation in April!

  5. I know what you mean. Some 50 years ago I was sent to a conference in Hawaii. Went back to the Mainland USA, sold everything I owned and moved here. Every day I’m alive I just love the fact that I live here. As the local saying is, “Lucky you live Hawaii.” Aloha and Aloha – pjs/

    1. Aloha Paul,
      I love your story! That is quite the adventure, and such an incredible leap of faith.
      As soon as my husband graduates with his degree I’m hoping we can finally make the permanent move as well. 🙂
      A Hui Hou,

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