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Success! (and a Little Surprise!)

Do you remember a few weeks ago when I shared my packing essentials for our Maui Christmas trip? I shared a secret that I was an over-packer and devoted my love for options within my vacation wardrobe. Many of you understood my over-packing ways, and I had others tell me that while they love options, they always try to fit it into one carry-on.

To those carry-on readers, you would be so proud of me!

I had plenty of wardrobe options while in Maui, and it still fit into one carry-on. One! Hallelujah! (You can’t see me but I’m totally patting myself on the back.) 😉 While I didn’t care to drag it around the airport, it did save money in bag fees each way, and I didn’t have to worry about the airline losing my bag. (I guess I could consider the workout I got carrying it around all day another silver lining).

If you’ve read Pictures and Plane Tickets for a while you probably know about my love affair with beautiful bags. On one of our first days on the island we were walking through Whaler’s Village and as we walked by the Honolua Surf Company I was smitten by a beautiful teal DaKine backpack that I saw in the window. We spent a lot of time in Ka’anapali so every time we walked by the store I would slow my step and admire the beautiful bag.

On our last day in Maui as I walked by the Honolua Surf Company for my last time, I lingered for a moment to look at the bag. I knew I couldn’t buy the bag online because it was made specifically for the Maui location, but I’m usually not an impulse shopper, so I stood there and contemplated my decision. My husband noticed, grabbed my hand, and lead me inside to buy the bag for me.

Such a sweet gesture. Such a great souvenir. Such an awesome husband. 🙂

Honolua Teal DaKine backpack
It even has an insulated cooler-a perfect backpack for the beach!

9 thoughts on “Success! (and a Little Surprise!)”

  1. Hailee – if you’re still following, the Honolua Surf Co still carries this pattern. Might try calling around again. I’ve been thinking about a small piece of luggage in this print myself. 😀

  2. I purchased this just this past May in the Ko Olina Center. They had an entire luggage set to match too. Going to call and see if they’d do an order by phone and ship here.

    1. Hey Rachel!
      So glad they are selling them in other places now too. I love that pattern. When we were in Maui this past January I purchased the luggage and the beach bag. 🙂 Hope they were able to ship it to you!

  3. Okay I understand, if I was you I wouldn’t sell it either. 🙂 I called every store location and none of them had it but thank you!

    1. Hi Hailee, FYI… I just purchased this same back pack for my daughter in Kona at the Honalua Surf Company this past June (2015). Might want to give them a call, I’m sure they can order it.

  4. Hi, I know this sounds weird or crazy or both, but I will pay any price for this backpack. I know it may be special to you, but I have been searching for this bag for weeks and I would do anything to have it. I am on vacation on Kauai right now and I was in Honolua Surf Co. when I noticed a duffel bag in this print. I asked if they had a backpack in that print, and they said that they sold out of the backpacks. Please consider selling, I am in love with this backpack. I will pay twice the price you bought it for, anything. Let me know.

    1. Hi Hailee,
      Unfortunately it’s not for sale at the moment. 😦 If I ever do decide to sell it I will let you know. Try asking the surf shop if they’ll call the other shops on the other islands to see if they have it. I bought this one in Maui… Good luck lady!

  5. That’s a BEAUTIFUL bag!! I bought a purse in Honolulu and I’m sad that if anything happens to it, I won’t be able to replace it (it’s a purple print I only found there.) I am totally jealous of that back pack!

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