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13 Hours

If I told you that I was excited for our 13 hour flight over to Southeast Asia I would be flat-out lying... I'm actually a little bit anxious as the longest flight we've taken was from Toronto to Copenhagen, and if I remember correctly that was around eight hours. 13 hours. Twice the time it takes to get… Continue reading 13 Hours

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A Suitcase Situation

Would you laugh if I told you that I've stressed for months about what to pack for Thailand? Go ahead, laugh. It sounds ridiculous--I know--but it's true... 😉 Let's be clear, my stress isn't stemmed from an indecision on which bikini to wear or what sundresses to pack, rather, I've been in a daily battle about whether… Continue reading A Suitcase Situation

Honolau Teal DaKine backpack
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Success! (and a Little Surprise!)

Do you remember a few weeks ago when I shared my packing essentials for our Maui Christmas trip? I shared a secret that I was an over-packer and devoted my love for options within my vacation wardrobe. Many of you understood my over-packing ways, and I had others tell me that while they love options, they… Continue reading Success! (and a Little Surprise!)

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Inside my Bag-Hawaii

Last year as I packed for our Christmas trip to Kauai, my bag was full of bikinis, sundresses, shorts, flip-flops, and sunscreen. I was sooo proud of myself as I fit it all into one (read: ONE) little carry-on. You see, here's a secret: I’m one of those packers—I welcome (and cherish) my place in the… Continue reading Inside my Bag-Hawaii