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Superbowl Sunday

My excitement for the big game this Sunday diminished weeks ago because of the two teams in the final game (sorry, Patriots and Giants fans). Reflecting on happier times I want to look back at our favorite game from last season.

It was a cold December morning in 2010 when my husband and I boarded a flight to the bone-chilling town of Indianapolis, Indiana. My husband’s 29th birthday was the week before, and for his birthday I purchased two tickets to the Dallas Cowboys versus Indianapolis Colts football game (talk about great timing!). The husband is a diehard Colts fan, and I was born and raised with Cowboys blood pumping through my veins. It was the perfect opportunity to see our two favorite teams play.

Downtown Indianapolis

The day before the game we were having lunch at a downtown Indianapolis eatery when in walked a group of four, two who were wearing Cowboys gear. The whole restaurant began “boo-ing” these two people and I realized at that moment that I was in for it the next day at the stadium. As a football fan, I enjoy heckling and a little teasing back and forth, that’s what makes football so fun (aside from the great games and the athletic aspects).

What a view! (Lucas Oil Stadium)

On game day, we stood outside in the cold waiting for the gates to open. The husband and I had traveled so far that we were determined to get into the stadium as soon as it opened in order to watch the players warm up. As we waited, the wind cut through our winter coats, hats, and gloves; even with plenty of layers it still wasn’t enough to protect us from the bitter cold. It was so cold that it hurt to move and it felt like I could feel the cold all the way down within my bones.

Tony Romo and Peyton Manning

The wait was well worth it as we got to see the teams warm up, and we had the opportunity to take a lot of great photos of our favorite elite athletes. As we settled down into our seats, little did we know, we were in for a special treat; the game was going to be intense! The leader went back and forth in the fourth quarter, and key plays by big named players made the game even more exciting. As the final seconds ticked off the clock we realized that our teams were going into OVERTIME!

The extra point is GOOD! It's going into Overtime!

I don’t think that I have ever jumped up and down more in my life, my voice was lost well before the game was over, and I was floating on cloud nine trying to grasp the concept that we were really at this amazing game. As my nails whittled away with my incessant nail-biting, the game continued on until the Cowboys kicked a field goal to win 38-35 in overtime! We couldn’t have asked for a better game to fly across the country for.

I hope that you enjoy your Superbowl Sunday! Do you have a favorite team? Who are you rooting for?

4 thoughts on “Superbowl Sunday”

  1. we sure had a lot of fun. It was the best bday present ever! Great post babe keep it up. By the way I still think the colts should have best the cowboys! 😉

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