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Saturday Between the Hedges

Our trip to Georgia last year led to two football games in three days and an unfortunate (and also not our fault) car accident the night before the big game. We awoke that Saturday morning, sore and bruised from the accident but still incredibly excited to head to the game. We had traveled over 1,600 miles… Continue reading Saturday Between the Hedges

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Southern Hospitality

You know how I started out my last post with, "Sometimes the best things in life are unexpected." Well sometimes that's true... and sometimes its not... We spent our Friday in the beautiful town of Athens, Georgia, home of our beloved Georgia Bulldogs. This eclectic college town has close to 120,000 residents and is about… Continue reading Southern Hospitality

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The Dirty Birds

Sometimes, the best things in life are unexpected.  Like our first night in Georgia... We checked into our hotel and had planned on resting for a few hours before enjoying dinner at a good ol' southern crawfish restaurant. I turned on the news and laid down to take a nap, however, while watching the weather… Continue reading The Dirty Birds

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The Bucket List: See a Game in Cowboys Stadium

My friend said it best when he said, "It's Krystle's promised land." We arrived in Arlington and Dallas Cowboy fans were everywhere; from the airport, to the grocery store, to the hotel. The Blue and Silver Pride was all around. I felt this same experience when we traveled to Indianapolis back in 2010 as there… Continue reading The Bucket List: See a Game in Cowboys Stadium

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The Bucket List: Cowboys Stadium

As a young girl, my Sundays every Fall consisted of watching the Dallas Cowboys on TV with my dad and older brother. I am lucky enough to remember the "Dynasty Days" back in the Troy Aikman era, and even won $300 a lot of money for a 10-year-old, off of Superbowl 30. (Don't do the math, that was a… Continue reading The Bucket List: Cowboys Stadium