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The Dirty Birds

Sometimes, the best things in life are unexpected. 

Like our first night in Georgia…

We checked into our hotel and had planned on resting for a few hours before enjoying dinner at a good ol’ southern crawfish restaurant. I turned on the news and laid down to take a nap, however, while watching the weather report the meteorologist mentioned it would be clear weather for those heading to the Atlanta Falcons football game that night.

I turned to my husband and said, “Dang it, when I was planning our trip I wish I would have thought to see if the Thursday Night Football game was here in Atlanta tonight,” and with a sly smile he said, “It’s not too late to buy tickets to the game.”

(How I love that man…)

We searched Ticketmaster and found some extremely cheap tickets with a really good view. So we threw out our dinner plans, freshened up after our long day of travel, and headed to downtown Atlanta–the Georgia Dome to be exact.

The Georgia Dome
The Georgia Dome



Our view from Row 4 in Section 310--not bad for a last minute decision
Our view from Row 4 in Section 310–not bad for a last-minute decision

You guys know that I LOVE football, so having the opportunity to go to a Thursday Night Football game was incredible. The dirty birds put up a tough fight against the New Orleans Saints, however, the Saints beat the Falcons 17 to 13. Jimmy Graham caught a 44-yard touchdown pass from Drew Brees and when he jumped up to “Slam Dunk” the football through the goal post, he almost took down the entire goal post. It was so crooked that they had to stop the game in order to straighten it out.

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons

image source

Jimmy Graham-Goalpost

image source

The last-minute decision to attend the Falcons game was the best way to kick off our football weekend.

When you travel do you stick to the itinerary, or do you give yourself a little room to move?

3 thoughts on “The Dirty Birds”

  1. I always leave a little room for the unexpected. With kids, keeping them busy is good to prevent the “I’m bored” complaints so a schedule is good. But so is resting when its called for and any unexpected opportunities, so I need to stay open minded.

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