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Travel Tips Thursday—

Have you heard of

I’m sure that most people have heard of, but if you haven’t, Kayak is an awesome travel search engine that you must know about. Their motto is “search one and done.” I use Kayak every single day and I have to say that I am very impressed with this travel website. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite travel sites to use.

My favorite feature about Kayak is the price alerts. The price alerts allow you to set your search criteria once and specify if you would like to receive daily or weekly price updates. (I always choose daily, so every morning I have an email from Kayak informing me about price changes from the previous day).

The picture above is an actual price alert from (sorry it’s a little blurry). As you can see, the alert includes the current price as well as a historical price graph. It also provides helpful information on hotel deals and prices for other travel dates in case your dates are flexible.

Currently, I have four price alerts to track airfare for our second honeymoon. I get one email a day that includes the four updated alerts. One thing to mention about is not all companies are represented in the price alert (such as Southwest). On our recent trip to Florida, I was using the price alert and when prices dropped significantly I decided to check prices on Southwest, just in case. I was able to find a better deal on Southwest, however, if it wasn’t for the alert I wouldn’t have known to check prices that day.

Do you use What tips do you have for finding good travel deals?

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  1. I’ve used it but am annoyed that it opens several other windows when it searches other sites. Hopefully future iterations will haver cleaner presentation of results …

    1. kramerjen, they used to have an option that would allow you to uncheck a box that said ‘compare to Hotwire and Travelocity’ but I’m not seeing that option anymore. Hopefully they will bring it back. Happy Friday!

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