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13 Hours

If I told you that I was excited for our 13 hour flight over to Southeast Asia I would be flat-out lying... I'm actually a little bit anxious as the longest flight we've taken was from Toronto to Copenhagen, and if I remember correctly that was around eight hours. 13 hours. Twice the time it takes to get… Continue reading 13 Hours

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Travel Tips Thursday—

Have you heard of I'm sure that most people have heard of, but if you haven't, Kayak is an awesome travel search engine that you must know about. Their motto is “search one and done.” I use Kayak every single day and I have to say that I am very impressed with this… Continue reading Travel Tips Thursday—

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Carry-on Must Haves

As I'm packing for our vacation this week I wanted to share my top five favorite items to pack in my carry-on bag (or in my purse): Headphones and headphone splitter. Headphones are a must so you don’t have to pay to use the ones on the plane. Even if you only watch the shows… Continue reading Carry-on Must Haves