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A Travel Hack without the Hack

Aloha my beautiful Friends! It's been a while since I've done a "Travel Tip Thursday" post, so today I'm sharing a tip that has been right in front of us this ENTIRE time. I just recently figured it out and it's so obvious that you'll probably end up "face-palming" yourself and exclaiming "DOH!" in your best… Continue reading A Travel Hack without the Hack

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13 Hours

If I told you that I was excited for our 13 hour flight over to Southeast Asia I would be flat-out lying... I'm actually a little bit anxious as the longest flight we've taken was from Toronto to Copenhagen, and if I remember correctly that was around eight hours. 13 hours. Twice the time it takes to get… Continue reading 13 Hours

Asia, Thailand, Travel, Travel Tips Thursday

Thailand: Staying on Track

Happy Wednesday Friends! I can't believe that it has been six months since we made the decision to travel to Thailand. In our spare time, we have been busy researching, planning, and saving for this upcoming trip, and we can now official say that we leave for Thailand next month. The sheer logistics of planning a trip to a place you've… Continue reading Thailand: Staying on Track

Asia, Thailand, Travel, Travel Tips Thursday

Thailand: The Basics

While I'm always daydreaming about our next big adventure, there comes an exciting point in time where the daydreaming ends and the actual planning begins. And if one thing is true, traveling internationally is always a little more hectic. Aside from not knowing the language, there's a new culture to understand, new food to try, new… Continue reading Thailand: The Basics

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My Perfect Day on Maui (Part 2)

Maui. One of my favorite islands in the whole world. As the second largest island in the Hawaiian chain, there is so much to see and do that you simply can't cover it all in one visit (unless your visit ends up being permanent, in which case, please tell me all your secrets). 🙂 We covered… Continue reading My Perfect Day on Maui (Part 2)