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Around the World: Valentine’s Edition

Oh hello there, Valentine's Day. Nice to see you again. It seems as though there are two kinds of people in this world: those that love Valentine's Day and those that think it's a silly materialistic holiday. As for me, you can find me in the former group of folks surrounded by flowers, a glass of… Continue reading Around the World: Valentine’s Edition

Sweetheart Rock
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Hawaii on a Budget

Welcome back to part two in my two-part Aloha-inspired series! My last post detailed how to plan a trip to Hawaii and today I'm going to share my favorite tips on Scoring a Fantastic Deal! A lot of folks assume that Hawaii is insanely expensive, so today let's discuss how to travel to Hawaii for around $1,300! No, that's not a… Continue reading Hawaii on a Budget

Flying into Kauai
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Hawaii 101: Let’s Plan a Trip!

The question most often found in my inbox goes something like: "I'm trying to plan a trip to Hawaii. Will you give me some advice about where to start and also some recommendations about what we should see while we're there?" I love that my readers, friends, and family turn to me for advice about traveling… Continue reading Hawaii 101: Let’s Plan a Trip!

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Happy Birthday America! My Top Five Favorite U.S. Destinations

While jetsetting around the globe is a foolproof way to any wanderluster's heart, I feel that it's also important to explore your own backyard and appreciate your roots. After a long international flight and standing in a long line to get through Customs, I can't help but feel an overwhelming sense of happiness and gratitude when I hear… Continue reading Happy Birthday America! My Top Five Favorite U.S. Destinations

Wai'anapanapa Park, Maui
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Maui Wowie! An Island-Hopping Roundup

Throughout our many visits to Hawaii Cody and I have had a lot of time to wander... exploring new sights, new restaurants, new beaches, and new hotels, and we've had even more time to settle into a routine, to re-visit some of our favorite locations, and to stop by our favorite restaurants more than a few… Continue reading Maui Wowie! An Island-Hopping Roundup