Flying into Kauai
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Heading Back to Paradise: Our Christmas Trip to Kauai

Throughout the years we've traveled to some pretty amazing destinations around the World, but there's one destination that keeps drawing us back in for more: the Hawaiian Islands. Cue the ukulele music and ocean breezes... Over the last 11 years we've traveled to these incredible islands over ten times to celebrate college graduations, anniversaries, Christmas,… Continue reading Heading Back to Paradise: Our Christmas Trip to Kauai

Sweetheart Rock
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Around the World: Valentine’s Edition

Oh hello there, Valentine's Day. Nice to see you again. It seems as though there are two kinds of people in this world: those that love Valentine's Day and those that think it's a silly materialistic holiday. As for me, you can find me in the former group of folks surrounded by flowers, a glass of… Continue reading Around the World: Valentine’s Edition

Hilton Mo'orea

2016: A Year of New Adventures 

One of my friends once jokingly said to me, "You're going to need a few lifetimes to see and experience everything on your Bucket List" -- and I couldn't agree more. I've had this fear that there are too many places to visit and not nearly enough time to explore each destination for a while now; and while… Continue reading 2016: A Year of New Adventures 

Wai'anapanapa Park, Maui
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Maui Wowie! An Island-Hopping Roundup

Throughout our many visits to Hawaii Cody and I have had a lot of time to wander... exploring new sights, new restaurants, new beaches, and new hotels, and we've had even more time to settle into a routine, to re-visit some of our favorite locations, and to stop by our favorite restaurants more than a few… Continue reading Maui Wowie! An Island-Hopping Roundup

Napali Coast, Kauai
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The Crown Jewel of Kauai

No matter where we travel, I always find something that I love about each specific destination. Which, in turn, leads to many "favorites" -- favorite beach in Maui (although, for the record, there are two favorites), favorite beach in Kauai, favorite island in Thailand (although I have a lot more exploring to do), favorite fjord in Norway,… Continue reading The Crown Jewel of Kauai