Wai'anapanapa Park, Maui
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Maui Wowie! An Island-Hopping Roundup

Throughout our many visits to Hawaii Cody and I have had a lot of time to wander... exploring new sights, new restaurants, new beaches, and new hotels, and we've had even more time to settle into a routine, to re-visit some of our favorite locations, and to stop by our favorite restaurants more than a few… Continue reading Maui Wowie! An Island-Hopping Roundup

'Anini Beach, Kauai
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Hanging with Crush in the Big ‘Ol Blue

Did anyone catch that Finding Nemo reference? 🙂 When my family and I started planning our trip to Hawaii, my stepmom said that she wanted to swim with sea turtles -- and I knew just the place to take her. Located on the northern coast of Kauai, one of my favorite beaches is nestled among… Continue reading Hanging with Crush in the Big ‘Ol Blue

Sweetheart Rock
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Five Tips to Survive Traveling with Extended Family

Our trips to Hawaii are always very special, and the more we travel the more we realize that those islands in the Pacific firmly hold the top spot as our favorite place on Earth. We've crisscrossed the globe in a never-ending search for adventure and along the way we've been lucky to explore many stunning places, but that siren's call continues to bring… Continue reading Five Tips to Survive Traveling with Extended Family