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Hanging with Crush in the Big ‘Ol Blue

Did anyone catch that Finding Nemo reference? 🙂

When my family and I started planning our trip to Hawaii, my stepmom said that she wanted to swim with sea turtles — and I knew just the place to take her.

'Anini Beach

Located on the northern coast of Kauai, one of my favorite beaches is nestled among million dollar homes, Kauai’s dramatic mountains, and the bright blue sea. It’s off the busy, two-lane, Kuhio Highway and a five-minute drive along a small road which hugs the coast, so pay attention to the road as you admire those incredible ocean views. 😉 Before you know it you’ll find yourself at ‘Anini Beach Park — my favorite hidden gem on the island.

It’s my favorite beach because it has shade trees so my husband will stay cool and content — while I spend hours snorkeling in the sea. It’s my favorite because it’s not packed with beach bums. It’s my favorite because it has grass, soft sand, picnic tables, BBQ grills, restrooms, and a shower. It’s my favorite because — thanks to the reef off shore — the ocean is very calm, even in the winter months. But most importantly, it’s my favorite beach because every time that we visit we encounter sea turtles.

'Anini Beach, Kauai
“Hey Dude! Give me some fin!” -Crush
Can you see the Flat Fish?
Can you see the Flat Fish?


'Anini Beach, Kauai

You wish to swim with sea turtles? Your wish is my command! 🙂


15 thoughts on “Hanging with Crush in the Big ‘Ol Blue”

  1. On Maui, turtle sightings are also almost guaranteed just off Makena Beach, South of Wailea. We also see them frequently between Kam 2 & Kam 3 beaches in Kihei.

    1. I’ve seen sharks off Makena but never turtles… I’ll have to keep looking 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion. On Maui, I typically see them around Black Rock as well (which I’ll be mentioning in an upcoming post.)
      Thanks for stopping by!

      1. We used to go about 1/4 to 1/2 miles offshore between Makena and Maluaka Beach into the area where the Molokini tours stop on the return to Kihei Harbour. With the increase in sharks the past few years we now stay closer to shore.

        1. Okay, I know where you are talking about. Maybe one day I can check it out for myself (one the shark sightings reduce a bit) 😉
          Have a wonderful day!

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