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Time Traveling in Maui: The Old Lahaina Luau

After an eventful four days over on Kauai, our party of seven hopped over to one of Hawaii’s most romantic islands: Maui. We were looking forward to our stay along Valley Isle’s famous Ka’anapali Beach and our stay at the Westin Maui didn’t disappoint.

But we couldn’t stay at the resort the entire time — well, we definitely could have, but I was involved in creating the itinerary, so of course we didn’t. 😉 Because this was my parent’s first time to Hawaii I wanted to show them the highlights and a luau is one activity that you simply must do at least once in your life.

Old Lahaina Luau

Cody and I were unable to attend the Old Lahaina Luau on our honeymoon because we didn’t get reservations in time, so on our second visit to Maui we made sure to book our seats well in advance. With our family in tow we didn’t want to make the same mistake of waiting too long, so we secured our reservation last summer which was about six months in advance (Travel Tip: the earlier you make your reservation, the better your seat).

Old Lahaina Luau, Maui

After arriving shortly after 5:00pm we were presented with a pink and white fragrant lei, offered a choice of an ice-cold mai-tai or fruit juice, and were then whisked away to our table. As a pescetarian I sometimes worry about food options while attending events, however, I knew better than to fret at the Old Lahaina Luau because they have something for everyone. From the land-lovers selection of beef, chicken, and their famous kalua pork, to many items from the sea including fresh Mahi-Mahi, poke, and octopus, the entree’s were as diverse as the sides, which included a smorgasbord of salads, pastas, breads, and fresh fruit.


Old Lahaina Luau

Shortly after sunset, we settled into our seats for the highlight of the evening. The performers of the Old Lahaina Luau take you on an incredible adventure throughout time using a grand display of traditional dances, wardrobe, music, and song. The delicate sways of the hula are replaced with strong warrior chants, and the ebb and flow of the different hulas provide a delicate balance of hypnotic movements that transcend time and tell their story of Hawaiian history.

As the show came to a close and we bid farewell to our amazing hosts and server, my grandpa exclaimed that the night was exceptional. He was shocked that he had not heard of the Old Lahaina Luau before and expressed his gratitude that Cody and I found this “hidden gem” 🙂 I’m pretty sure that the Old Lahaina Luau is the shining star rather than a hidden gem, but semantics aside, a night at the Old Lahaina Luau is not to be missed on your next visit.

Old Lahaina Luau, Maui

Old Lahaina Luau, Maui

Have you been to a luau? What was your favorite part?

7 thoughts on “Time Traveling in Maui: The Old Lahaina Luau”

  1. Hi I’m looking to customize my blog page…what theme is your website in because it looks really great and colorful

    1. Hi Suhayla,
      Thanks for the nice words about my website. I self-host so my theme is a custom theme. I wish that we were able to upload custom themes into WordPress.com, if that were the case I would have probably stayed under their hosting services.. maybe one day that will change…
      Have a great day. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Best Luau on Maui. You provided an excellent tip about booking early for the best seats. On our first visit we booked tickets at the resort a couple of days in advance and were stuck in the back row. Booking a year in advance and we had one of the tables, in the middle, immediately behind the floor seats.

    Great food. drinks and entertainment, and you can’t beat the location.

    We normally go every time on Maui, but next month we are saving the drive and trying the Marriott in Wailua

    1. Andy,
      I can’t wait to hear about the luau at the Marriott in Wailua. I’m always looking for new suggestions. 🙂 We were also in the first row of tables, just slightly to the right of the stage, it was a great view! The location is so perfect, nothing beats a delicious ocean-side dinner at sunset, and then entertainment as well. Have SO much fun on your vacation!!

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