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Lets go to “Purple” Beach

'Anini Beach

A few months ago, I shared my Top Five Favorite Hawaiian beaches for a guest post on Jordan’s blog, Meet Me in Paradise. After our visit to Kauai a few weeks ago, my husband and I found a new favorite beach to add to the list. One of the things I love most about exploring places you have already seen, is finding new places you may have missed the first time around. It is safe to say that this particular beach is my favorite North Shore Beach in the Winter (Why did I add “in the Winter”? Keep reading, I’ll explain).

Located along Kauai’s North Shore and hidden off Highway 56 is a beach that my husband and I didn’t discover until our second trip to this island. After leaving the highway, we followed the curvy road along the ocean and soon found ourselves among some very expensive beautiful homes. I couldn’t help but daydream about how nice it would be to live along that coastline. Soon after the gorgeous homes you will see ‘Anini Beach Park off to the right, you can’t miss it. The beach park has picnic tables, showers, restrooms, grassy areas, and bbq grills.

'Anini Beach Park

Anini Beach

‘Anini Beach is a two-mile stretch of sand protected by Hawaii’s largest reef. The reef is so big it can be seen from outer space. (I’m not kidding, Google it) 😉 The rough surf and large winter waves break on the reef far offshore protecting snorkelers while they spend an afternoon in the ocean.

After talking to some of the locals, I learned that this beach is only good for snorkeling in the winter because the high surf keeps the water fresh and visibility high. In the summer, the waves no longer pummel the reef offshore and the water becomes stagnant and is no longer prime for snorkeling (there’s the reason for my Favorite ‘Winter’ Beach designation).

The beach itself is quiet. It encompasses the beauty of any North Shore beach, envision Tunnels Beach without the crowds. My husband found a spot on the beach underneath a shade tree and said his favorite part of the beach was the privacy because of the small number of beach goers. He would enjoy his time reading on the beach while I couldn’t get enough of the ocean.

'Anini Beach

Not only is this beach beautiful, remote, and quiet, but it has a very sandy, shallow bottom. Snorkeling well off shore, I was able to stand up with the water reaching only to my neck and shoulders (and I’m 5’6″ people). If you’re afraid of the ocean, snorkeling, or swimming, this is a good place for you to feel comfortable.

The best part about this beach: The turtles.

Kauai Turtles

Kauai Turtles

Turtles at 'Anini

Kauai Turtles

Anini Beach
You can see the waves breaking on the reef behind me

So why did I refer to this post as Purple Beach in the title, when I have referred to this beach as ‘Anini Beach throughout this post? Or maybe you didn’t even notice? 😉 My husband and I loved this beach so much that we found ourselves at this beach a lot. One day, after what seemed like hours of snorkeling, I tried to encourage my husband to come out and see the turtles as well. “It’s too cold today,” he replied. I quickly responded by telling him the water was great, sure there were a few clouds in the sky, but he’d warm up once he was in the water. Without saying a word, he took a picture and handed the camera my way.

I guess my poker face and purple lips weren’t enough to convince him that the water was warm… FAIL!

I really did not think that the water was cold. My husband enjoyed referring to this beach as “Purple Beach” throughout our trip, and the name has stuck.

Anini Beach

If you visit ‘Anini Beach, not only will you get an afternoon of swimming with sea turtles while feeling like you’re on your own private beach, but you are at one of Kauai’s most beautiful locations. And to be honest, the water really wasn’t that cold!

'Anini Beach

If you get a chance, go visit! I know you won’t be disappointed. Have you been to Kauai? What’s your favorite Kauai Beach?

17 thoughts on “Lets go to “Purple” Beach”

  1. Love the turtles pics! What kind of camera did you use?
    We came across two turtles on some kind of beach area on the Big Island but I have no idea what the location was called. Turtles are amazing.

    1. Hi ‘liya!
      I usually shoot with my point and shoot camera, it’s a Canon Powershot Elph110. If not that then I’m using my Olympus Digital SLR. The turtle photos were taken with my Canon and an underwater camera case. I found it on Amazon for pretty cheap and it works great!
      I love swimming with turtles, it’s such a great experience. Did you have a favorite area on the Big Island? We are thinking about going there next Christmas.

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