Defiance House, Lake Powell
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Defiance House: Hiking at Lake Powell

Defiance House. The name alone sets the tone for this ancient archaeological site. Settled back in 1250AD, the Hopi Rattlesnake clan of the Anasazi used this remote location as an outpost. It's unknown as to why this secluded location was originally settled or why those settlers eventually left; however, back in 1959, the Defiance House… Continue reading Defiance House: Hiking at Lake Powell

Lake Powell
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Birthday Shenanigans at Lake Powell

While it has been almost a year since our Lake Powell extravaganza, I'm finally getting a chance to recap our adventures here on the blog. Luckily I keep a travel journal with me on all of our getaways so I won't forget about the fun memories and hilarious jokes; and now I'm able to refer back to… Continue reading Birthday Shenanigans at Lake Powell

Inspiration Point, Bryce Canyon National Park
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Finding Adventure in Bryce Canyon National Park

Question. What happens when the cabin fever sets in and a wanderlusting-blonde realizes that she has a free weekend to spare? She plans a weekend getaway. That's what. As it was a last-minute decision, we chose our destination quickly (choosing a location somewhat close to home), booked a hotel room, and packed our bags, and before… Continue reading Finding Adventure in Bryce Canyon National Park

Passport in Turks and Caicos
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2018 Travel Plans: Paradise Awaits!

"2018: A New Year. New Passport Stamps." 🙂 It's that time again. Time to dust off the travel guides, embrace the wanderlust, and take a peek at our globe-trotting horizon for 2018. Over the last few months we've spent a lot of our free time researching and planning these next few getaways, and we are… Continue reading 2018 Travel Plans: Paradise Awaits!

Delicate Arch, Arches National Park
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Roaming Along the Redrocks

"Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit." -Edward Abbey Throughout the years I've shared my hiking misadventures with you all, and I have to admit that the tides or should I say, trails, are slowly starting to turn. I once looked at hiking as a sweaty, dirty, and exhausting activity; however,… Continue reading Roaming Along the Redrocks