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Hawaii on a Budget

Welcome back to part two in my two-part Aloha-inspired series! My last post detailed how to plan a trip to Hawaii and today I'm going to share my favorite tips on Scoring a Fantastic Deal! A lot of folks assume that Hawaii is insanely expensive, so today let's discuss how to travel to Hawaii for around $1,300! No, that's not a… Continue reading Hawaii on a Budget


The World Traveler’s Christmas List

Let's get back to having some fun around here, shall we? Can you believe Christmas is only 22 days away? You guys, it's no surprise, but I LOVE Christmas. All of the family parties, the delicious food and amazing drinks, the classic movies ("You'll shoot your eye out, kid!"), and cheerful Christmas music. Everyone seems… Continue reading The World Traveler’s Christmas List

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My Travel Secret…

"How do you guys travel so often?"  "What's your secret to constant travel?" "How can I find good deals like you?" "Can you help me budget for my trip?" Over the years I have been asked these questions on many different occasions, and I love the conversations that follow. Travel is a main priority in my… Continue reading My Travel Secret…

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Hi, My Name is Krystle and…

...I think I have a travel addiction problem... I don't know if you can actually call it a "problem" as traveling and problem never go together, unless we are talking about travel mishaps (see examples: 1 and 2). But I digress. If you've been reading Pictures and Plane Tickets for a while you know about my love… Continue reading Hi, My Name is Krystle and…

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The World Travelers Plan of Action

Lately my husband and I have been known as, “The World Travelers” among our friends and family. Our recent adventures around the world have left many of the important people in our life asking, “How do you guys do it?” The answer is complex yet so simple: We budget. I believe that my husband and… Continue reading The World Travelers Plan of Action