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The Best Vacation Ever

Many of my readers are serious travelers and the idea of planning a trip is not daunting or overwhelming, in fact, many of us relish in the planning, researching, and scheduling phase. However, let's face it, not all of us like planning vacations. Lately I have been asked multiple times to help plan trips and itineraries… Continue reading The Best Vacation Ever

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The World Travelers Plan of Action

Lately my husband and I have been known as, “The World Travelers” among our friends and family. Our recent adventures around the world have left many of the important people in our life asking, “How do you guys do it?” The answer is complex yet so simple: We budget. I believe that my husband and… Continue reading The World Travelers Plan of Action


What’s your Vacation Mood?

The world is a big place, and trying to pin down an exact location for your next vacation can be difficult. Trips are expensive, and for some, vacation days are few and far between. There is nothing worse than spending a significant amount of money to have remorse about the vacation before you even get… Continue reading What’s your Vacation Mood?

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The Magic of Budgeting

My husband and I travel frequently, and the truth is, we are able to do so because of our budget (and maybe because of my slight paranoia that there’s too many places to see and not enough time to explore). Finances scare a lot of people. Taking a cold hard look at how much you… Continue reading The Magic of Budgeting

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Travel Tips Thursday—Kayak.com

Have you heard of Kayak.com? I'm sure that most people have heard of Kayak.com, but if you haven't, Kayak is an awesome travel search engine that you must know about. Their motto is “search one and done.” I use Kayak every single day and I have to say that I am very impressed with this… Continue reading Travel Tips Thursday—Kayak.com