Molokini Crater
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Descending into Molokini Crater

On our first two visits to Maui, Cody and I never got around to visiting the Molokini Crater. Crazy, right? Well the third time was the charm, and since I was certified this time around, I was able to schedule a scuba dive down into the crater. After browsing a few websites and looking through Maui Revealed, I found that… Continue reading Descending into Molokini Crater

Paddleboarding in Maui
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Paddleboarding the 808

Hey guys! Okay, by now I've told you almost a million times that I love the water. One of these days (not soon enough) I will live close to the ocean so I can experience its magic on a daily basis, and until then, I'll try to be patient and keep visiting as often as I… Continue reading Paddleboarding the 808

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Whale Watching on Maui

If you head to Hawaii during the months of December through April, whale watching is a MUST. How often do you have the incredible opportunity of seeing Humpback Whales frolicking near one of their favorite wintertime playgrounds? The clear waters off Maui attract hundreds of whales each year due to the protected waters and shallower ocean… Continue reading Whale Watching on Maui

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The Boardwalk Along the Ocean

Front Street: six blocks of shopping, restaurants, art galleries, parks, museums, and boardwalks, provide plenty of opportunities to spend an afternoon souvenir-hunting, soaking up some sun, and enjoying delicious food. I mean seriously, does it get any better than shopping along the ocean?  When the sun goes down the atmosphere along Front Street is energetic. Because… Continue reading The Boardwalk Along the Ocean

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The Terrifying Shadow

Located along Maui's south shore lies a stretch of sand that is completely undeveloped. It is almost a mile long with lava outcroppings along each end of the beach which provides fabulous snorkeling opportunities. The sheer size of this beach gives everyone a chance to spread out so it never feels crowded. This spectacular golden beach… Continue reading The Terrifying Shadow