Mo'orea sunrise
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Fueling the Wanderlust

I want to fill you in on our recent adventure. This isn't another adventure crisscrossing the globe, but rather, an adventure that involves dipping our toes into the popular travel rewards pool. This adventure has rewarded us (pun intended) 🙂 with travel perks that have allowed us to continue the endless pursuit of our Bucket List adventures. Want to… Continue reading Fueling the Wanderlust

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The World Travelers Plan of Action

Lately my husband and I have been known as, “The World Travelers” among our friends and family. Our recent adventures around the world have left many of the important people in our life asking, “How do you guys do it?” The answer is complex yet so simple: We budget. I believe that my husband and… Continue reading The World Travelers Plan of Action

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Traveling on $40 per Day

Have you ever seen $40-a-Day? It’s one of my favorite shows to watch, but unfortunately there are no new episodes (I'm glad that I'm able to DVR all the reruns on the Travel Channel). $40-a-day is a show hosted by Rachael Ray, and all of the episodes were taped before she was super famous. The… Continue reading Traveling on $40 per Day

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The Magic of Budgeting

My husband and I travel frequently, and the truth is, we are able to do so because of our budget (and maybe because of my slight paranoia that there’s too many places to see and not enough time to explore). Finances scare a lot of people. Taking a cold hard look at how much you… Continue reading The Magic of Budgeting