What’s your Vacation Mood?

The world is a big place, and trying to pin down an exact location for your next vacation can be difficult. Trips are expensive, and for some, vacation days are few and far between. There is nothing worse than spending a significant amount of money to have remorse about the vacation before you even get home. In order to keep your focus and help narrow down your choices, ask yourself “What do I want out of my vacation?”

Are you looking for:

• An adventure or relaxation
• Tropical paradise or Urban metropolis
• Beautiful beaches or Magnificent museums
• Remote and far away or easily accessible
• Historical significance or modern marvels
• Luxury or budget friendly
• A shopping mecca
• A selection of nightlife options and entertainment
• Personal significance

The list can go on and on, but you get the idea. Your dream vacation may include a vast combination of options, however, it is important to list your ideas so you can focus on what you really want. Sometimes it is so easy to get lost in the idea of a particular vacation that you lose sight of what will bring you the most happiness.

I know that I’m drawn to remote tropical beaches, with a laid back atmosphere, offering the opportunity for full relaxation. I also want a location that offers adventure and allows me the chance to sample the local cuisine. My husband’s favorite vacations always include different entertainment options including trying his luck at gambling, eating at great restaurants, and visiting art museums.

What is your vacation mood?

7 thoughts on “What’s your Vacation Mood?”

  1. well this turned up on “Great posts worth seeing”, and I like how you put our motivation for vacation as “moods” rather than categorizing them without giving any thought for emotions (like I have done in the past for some of my posts) >.<
    thanks for liking my blog post too! =D

  2. I’d like a holiday which consisted entirely of lying around, sleeping and having sex, while viewing something nice out the window. Guess I might as well stay home then!

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