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Hi, My Name is Krystle and…

…I think I have a travel addiction problem…

I don’t know if you can actually call it a “problem” as traveling and problem never go together, unless we are talking about travel mishaps (see examples: 1 and 2). But I digress.

If you’ve been reading Pictures and Plane Tickets for a while you know about my love affair with Kayak.com. I am convinced that this website has helped save me THOUSANDS of dollars over the course of all of our travels (I really should do the analysis one of these days). For the record, I have absolutely no affiliation with Kayak.com, I’m just a big fan of their website.

Kayak - pictures and plane tickets

On our last day in Kauai my husband and I began discussing where we would like to go for our annual Christmas vacation. Tropical destinations across the globe flowed throughout our conversation: Dominican Republic, Cancun, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Belize, Fiji… We narrowed the list down and while sitting in the airport waiting for our flight home I created a few price alerts on Kayak.com. You guys know that I love to have a “baseline cost” for every possible destination and the price alerts on Kayak allow me to track different flights in one simple email.

Within six days of being back in the Real World I came across a travel deal that had me bee-lining to my phone and texting my husband faster than Bart Simpson could say, “Ay Caramba!” The cost of a flight to Maui had dropped lower than I have seen in YEARS, so low that we had no other choice but to jump on the opportunity to travel back to our beloved Maui.

So, it appears that the Hawaii themed posts aren’t even close to ending. My highest stats continue to be when I write about Hawaii, so maybe that’s a good thing. ? 🙂

And so the adventure continues…

7 thoughts on “Hi, My Name is Krystle and…”

    1. Thank you Floey. We went over to the east side and drove around but we didn’t get to stop at the Kapoho Tide Pools. I really wanted to get there but we simply ran out of time… I guess that means I’ll have to go back soon! 🙂 What’s your favorite area of the Big Island?

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