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Inside my Bag-Hawaii

Last year as I packed for our Christmas trip to Kauai, my bag was full of bikinis, sundresses, shorts, flip-flops, and sunscreen. I was sooo proud of myself as I fit it all into one (read: ONE) little carry-on. You see, here’s a secret: I’m one of those packers—I welcome (and cherish) my place in the category of an over-packer. I love all of the choices and options…I can’t help myself… Don’t judge! 😉

Packing for Hawaii

Because I love challenges, last year I decided to pack only one carry-on to see if I could become one of those awesome minimalist packers. I admit, it was nice getting off the plane and going directly to the rental car counter. When I saw the crowd gathering around baggage claim my fondness of the carry-on in my hand increased exponentially; however, I would soon come to question my decision of packing only one carry-on.

Sure, while packing those cute sundresses and colorful bikinis, I thought about the weather—mainly, the 60 degree difference between my current location and the beautiful tropical balminess of the islands. I threw in two cardigans and a zip-up hoodie and zipped up my bag.

While the days were in the upper 70s and sunny, the nights still got a little chilly. Not to mention winter in Hawaii is the rainy season, so there were a few nights when rain storms rolled through. Needless to say, my comfortable sundresses didn’t quite cut it.

A quiet morning on the sunny south shore of Kauai


I climb back into the loving arms of my fellow over-packers who would have never been cold on that trip last year. 😉

I am still challenging myself to minimal packing this trip, however, I’m thinking through the process a little more and will be packing more layers to add on, or peel off, depending on the weather.

This time, alongside the colorful bikinis, flowing sundresses, sunglasses, sunscreen, and the basics (toiletries, etc), I’m packing the following:

  • Leggings (Not only can I use these on our morning walks, but they will also come in handy on our jungle hikes to help avoid bug bites)
  • More Cardigans
  • Long Sleeve Shirts (In Hawaii?? Absolutely! It will come in handy on our late night walks, or as a layer up on the cold–and possibly snowy–summit of Haleakala)
  • A Light Jacket (in case of those winter tropical showers)

Is my packing list long? Absolutely. Do I wish I could be like those people who pack two swimsuits for an entire two-week trip? No. To be completely honest, I like having my options. To each, their own. 🙂

Which category do you belong in? The minimalists or the over-packers?

8 thoughts on “Inside my Bag-Hawaii”

  1. I’m in the middle. I agree with having options, but I also don’t need a TON of options. But I am pretty much always able to keep it to the one carry on.

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