Grace Bay Beach, Turks & Caicos
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Ocean Views at Ocean Club West Resort

We had only three basic requirements for our stay in Turks & Caicos: 1) We had to spend a day under water and go scuba diving, 2) we absolutely had to stay on Grace Bay Beach (no exceptions), and 3) there would be some partaking of rum punch (when in Rome the Caribbean). I began researching… Continue reading Ocean Views at Ocean Club West Resort

Kapoho Tiki Cottage
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A Big Island Gem: The Kapoho Tiki Cottage

After our first trip to the Big Island back in 2014, Cody and I promised each other that on our next visit we would spend at least a weekend on the Hilo side. The guidebooks aren't kidding when they say that the Big Island is BIG -- believe me, we learned our lesson the hard way on our first visit. If you're… Continue reading A Big Island Gem: The Kapoho Tiki Cottage

Hilton Mo'orea
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A Dreamy Bucket List Stay at the Hilton Mo’orea

I remember the day that I picked up my first travel magazine. Browsing through the pages filled with beautiful photos of far-off, exotic lands, I came across the dream-like islands of the South Pacific; and ever since that day I've dreamed about staying in an overwater bungalow. There's just something about the destination that screams bucket… Continue reading A Dreamy Bucket List Stay at the Hilton Mo’orea

Westin Maui
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Maui Livin’: A Week of Luxury

Home Sweet (second) Home! If I had a dollar for every time I thought about Hawaii, I'd be RICH! Using a conservative estimate, I would probably be at least a Billionaire by now. 😉 My obsession with Hawaii continues to grow with each and every visit and I can't help but be completely fascinated with all things involving those… Continue reading Maui Livin’: A Week of Luxury

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Banking on Bangkok

After three blissful days back at our favorite resort in Koh Samui, it was time to leave the relaxed island life behind and head to the fast-paced capital for our final three days in the country. And I was excited for what was in store -- starting with our hotel.  As I began to search for hotels… Continue reading Banking on Bangkok