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Where’s Your Perfect Beach?

The other day, I was reading Purposefully Lost (a regular read on my blog list) and the author, Jen, introduced me to a nifty little survey from Fodor’s. If you haven’t heard of Fodor’s, it is website that provides travel reviews in order to find the best travel destinations, hotels, and restaurants to help you plan the perfect vacation.

Back to the survey.

The seven question survey asks you to choose what your perfect beach looks like, how you want to spend your day, what you plan on doing at sunset, and more. The results are supposed to help you narrow down your perfect beach. However, if I can be completely honest, the survey may make your next vacation destination decision even more difficult because it provides your top ten perfect beaches (as if deciding between two beautiful destinations wasn’t hard enough). In all seriousness, the survey was easy to use and fun, and it provided me with more locations to add to the bucket list. 😉

My number one perfect beach according to the survey:


St. John was #2

Photo credits here and here

So go ahead, find your perfect beach here. I hope you will share your results. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Where’s Your Perfect Beach?”

  1. What a fun quiz! I had to take it twice. 😉 My first three: St. Barthelemy, Lower Gulf Coast, Grenada. Second three: Los Cabos, Tortola, Lower Gulf Coast. Does that mean I should go to the Lower Gulf Coast?!

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