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Travel Tips Thursday – Hotwire.com

So maybe this isn’t so much a “tip” as it is a statement about how awesome Hotwire.com is for renting a car. If you don’t use Hotwire a lot, Hotwire.com offers discounted rates on flights, hotels, and cars because they don’t reveal the details until after your reservation is confirmed.

I’ll be honest that reserving hotels and flights without the “details” just doesn’t work for me. I need to have access to all of the information in order to know that I’m making a smart decision. However, when renting a car, I don’t have a preference for what company I rent from. Hotwire allows you to reserve your specific style of car; from an economy car to a super cool convertible. After you book you are told what car company you will be working with.

The best part about Hotwire? Aside from the significantly lower rates, the insurance that is offered is much cheaper than if you purchase insurance through the actual rental car company. I’ve used Hotwire to reserve my rental car on two out of my last three trips and I’ve always been impressed with the amount of money that I save.

So please share, do you use Hotwire? Have you used it to book your flight or hotel room?

Driving through the tree tunnel on our way to Koloa Town

**Please note that I am not a car insurance analyst or agent, nor am I saying that the coverage offered through Hotwire is as good or better than traditional insurance options. Hotwire provides a cheaper alternative to insurance that keeps the overall reservation cost low. Please check with your current car insurance carrier to find your best option.**

6 thoughts on “Travel Tips Thursday – Hotwire.com”

  1. We hotwired hotels before. We make sure we only hotwire 4 or 5 star hotels though. We have never been dissapointed. Granted, we only hotwired for one night before we got to our location (it was our adventourous moment) but I would stay longer at all the places we’ve nabbed…

    Encore in Vegas (we wanted a pool that day) for $99 on a Sat.
    Hyatt Regency in Huntington Beach for $105 on a Fri.

    What we do to get and idea of what hotel it will be is we find a keyword in the description like 1.3 miles from X airport then we’ll google 5 star resort 1.3 miles from X airport and it gives you an idea of what hotels are in the are.

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