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Cocoa Beach Pier

As we flew into Orlando, I was fascinated by all of the lakes, rivers, ponds, and waterways that I saw below us. The sun was in the perfect spot that afternoon and the way it reflected off of the water made it look as though the entire city was floating. It was my first time traveling to Florida and I was intrigued by all of the houses that were built right next to these waterways. I couldn’t help but wonder about the alligators that were lurking in the water and how scary it would be to walk into your backyard and see an alligator (looking for its next meal) sunbathing…

My father travels to Florida for business quite frequently, so I asked him about his favorite things to do in the Cocoa Beach area. Without any hesitation he suggested dinner on the Pier. After checking into the Hampton Inn, we walked the boardwalk down to the beach and dipped our toes into the Atlantic Ocean (I was beyond excited because it was my first time on the Atlantic side).

Cocoa Beach
Sunset over the Banana River

After sunset we decided to go back to the hotel and called a taxi to take us up to the Pier. The taxi in Cocoa Beach is a “Pay what you want” taxi. Have you ever experienced something like this? I’m used to the meter running, paying a “sit down fee,” and it always costing a pretty penny to get to your destination.

We had dinner at Marlins Good Times Bar and Grill. The atmosphere was light and friendly, the drinks were stiff, and the grilled mahi-mahi sandwich was AMAZING! The fish was firm and had a smoky flavor from the grill, and it was placed on a toasted bun with lettuce, onions, and tomatoes. I am a huge fan of fish, and this sandwich alongside my Bahama Mama was the perfect combination.

After dinner, we walked to the end of the pier and had a drink at the Mai Tiki bar. The pier was a happening place that Friday night. People were friendly and we were able to relax and listen to the live band that was playing. The next time we are in Cocoa Beach, I will definitely stop by the pier again to enjoy another delicious mahi-mahi sandwich at Marlins and a tropical drink at Mai Tiki Bar.

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