Guilt Trips

About a week before the long anticipated vacation begins, the good anxiety starts to set in. You know the feeling, the itinerary is finalized, tickets and reservation confirmations are printed, travel documents are gathered, and the list of things to do before you leave is long, including: the necessary late night shopping trips for last-minute items, laundry, and packing your suitcases.

While all of this good anxiety is going on, the little ones in my life seem to know that the inevitable is happening. As soon as I pull the suitcases out of the closet they begin to mope around and give me the sad, puppy dog eyes.

As I was packing for our honeymoon to Maui last summer, I walked into our spare bedroom and found this:


I guess she really wanted to come to Hawaii with us.

And the moment I pulled the suitcase out for our trip to the Bahamas in January, my little buddy was laying on the guilt trip for leaving him:


Is that not one of the saddest faces that you have ever seen? Do your pets always know when you are about to leave on vacation?

10 thoughts on “Guilt Trips”

  1. Your photos are a hoot! Our kitties are always curious when we haul the suitcases out, but RJ is more likely to be found nosing around inside like your pups. I hate leaving them when we are away, but I’m so happy they have each other to keep company. Plus, they love getting troughs of food (which are likely devoured within 20 minutes after we leave – ugh, tummy ache!). 😉

  2. Awww. It’s always tough leaving our pups. We left them at a kennel once and I cried after we dripped them off, so now I try leaving them with family or friends when we can. –Jen

    1. Jen, I’m not looking forward to kenneling our dogs on our next trip. It will be the first time we’ve ever had to kennel them and it already makes me sad. It’s hard enough leaving them with family 😦 As always, thank you for reading!

  3. Our lil gizmo is something else isn’t she. That was a great post babe. it makes me sad just looking at it and then.seeing Dexter doing the same thing broke my heart.

    Love ya

  4. Gizmo! What a cutie. My parents have a chihuahua, Chloe and she gets super sad and clingy when she knows we’re about to leave. It’s the cutest, saddest thing ever.

  5. My cats always know whenever I’m leaving or sick. My cuddlier one gets paw-y because she gets mad that I’m going, or clingy because I don’t feel well. 🙂
    Very cute pictures and a fun post, I liked it!

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