Happy Halloween, my lovelies! I love Halloween: the decorations, the scary movies, the good food, the beer, the candy, the dressing-up, there are so many reasons why Halloween is such a fun holiday. Every Halloween, we always dress up our dogs. Poor things.  😉 Just kidding, they love it, at least that's what I tell… Continue reading Trick-Or-Treat

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Gizmo Visits Yellowstone

This sweet girl, Gizmo, is having surgery today. I’m anxious, slightly terrified, and nervous about it, but I’m also happy that she will be out of pain. To ease my nerves, I wanted to tell you a little story about this sweet dog. Gizmo is no ordinary dog, she has an adventurous spirit and she’s… Continue reading Gizmo Visits Yellowstone


Guilt Trips

About a week before the long anticipated vacation begins, the good anxiety starts to set in. You know the feeling, the itinerary is finalized, tickets and reservation confirmations are printed, travel documents are gathered, and the list of things to do before you leave is long, including: the necessary late night shopping trips for last-minute… Continue reading Guilt Trips