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Gizmo Visits Yellowstone

This sweet girl, Gizmo, is having surgery today. I’m anxious, slightly terrified, and nervous about it, but I’m also happy that she will be out of pain. To ease my nerves, I wanted to tell you a little story about this sweet dog. Gizmo is no ordinary dog, she has an adventurous spirit and she’s been on a lot of adventures in her short little life. She especially loves going on rides in the car.

One of Gizmo’s favorite trips happened one fall weekend when we went on a road trip up to Yellowstone National Park. At the time we lived in Idaho and it was about a five-hour drive up to the Park. Gizmo loves Yellowstone, she loves having the window rolled down so she can look out at the animals.

We arrived in West Yellowstone that afternoon and drove north towards Mammoth. Yellowstone is an amazing place. As the first national park in the United States, established in 1872, Yellowstone allows visitors the opportunity to experience the great outdoors and witness wild animals in their natural habitat from the convenience of an air-conditioned (or heated–depending on the season) vehicle.

On Gizmo’s trip we had reservations at a small motel in Gardiner, Montana. Now before I tell you what happened next, let me specifically state that Pictures and Plane Tickets does not condone the following behavior, but I have to share the story with you anyway. 😉

Upon arriving at the motel, we wrapped Gizmo up in a blanket so it would look as though I were carrying a baby into the room. Everything was going perfectly until my (now) husband had trouble opening the motel door. Gizmo, the impatient princess that she is, began to growl because she did not appreciate being wrapped up; she would much rather walk into the hotel room like any other normal human being. Between our giggles, and her impatient growls, we were able to open the door and get into the room. After all of this commotion, we set our bags down right next to the sign that said, “Super 8 welcomes pets!” (Seriously?) Well at least there was no harm done with our sneaking her in.

The next morning we stopped by the gift shop to buy Gizmo a souvenir. (Is that weird that we buy our dogs stuffed animals at the gift shop?) Well regardless, she loves her Buffalo and still plays with it to this day.

Throughout the day we saw herds of Elk, a fox, hundreds of buffalo, and many beautiful waterfalls. In the fall, Yellowstone is an amazing place to visit; not only do you get to see the changing fall colors, and experience the fresh, crisp air brought about by the new season, but the Elk are in rutting season. The first time you hear an Elk bugle off in the distance you stop and think to yourself, “Is that what I think it is?” The animals were out and about that weekend and Gizmo seemed to enjoy her road trip up to the national park.

Lower Falls from Artist Point

Resting up for our next adventure.

2 thoughts on “Gizmo Visits Yellowstone”

  1. She sure is the biggest sweetheart. This is a great memory and we laughed so hard that day. I’m so glad she is ok. Great post.

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