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A Perfect Day on Kauai

I have been missing Kauai lately, so today I’m dedicating a post to this beautiful island. My perfect day in Kauai would consist of:

Some Beach Time:

(that should be a given, right? After all, it is Hawaii!)

Depending on the weather, I would head to the North Shore and lounge on one of the beautiful beaches along this shoreline. The lush, green, mountainous landscape serves as a striking background against the wide stretches of soft sand. (photo credit)

Lunch at:

Scotty’s is probably my favorite restaurant on Kauai. The food is delicious and the servings they bring you are massive; there is so much food that the husband and I usually share. One of my favorite things is how every table has a few different bottles of bbq sauce, allowing you to sample the many flavors (and heat levels) of the sauces that they offer. The Mai Tais are perfect, and the view can’t get much better. (photo credit)

No day in Kauai would be perfect without enjoying some:

I love the flavors of the island, but you can’t go wrong with pink lemonade and lime, either. 🙂 What’s your favorite flavor? (There’s nothing like true Hawaiian shave ice).

Afternoon Sailing:

Depending on the time of year, I would love to do a whale watching tour. Otherwise, I’d go back on the sunset dinner cruise, or maybe even a snorkel adventure in the crystal clear turquoise waters along the NaPali coast. (photo credit)

The next time I go to Kauai, I’m excited to do this (I’m counting down the days!):

Have you been to Kauai? What would your perfect day consist of?

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