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Christmas in April?

In between the final planning stages for our upcoming trip to Norway I have been thinking about Christmas. (Yes, Christmas. And yes, I do know that it is still eight months away--eight months to the day). I'm one of those people who really enjoy Christmas. I love giving presents to those I love and watching… Continue reading Christmas in April?

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What if Money Were No Object?

Money. We all need it; some of us have plenty, some of us have just enough, and some of us need more. But you never hear about anyone having "too much" money, right? The more money we make, the more money we spend (or for some of us, save), but we never have too much… Continue reading What if Money Were No Object?

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Sailing in St. John

June 4th was our one year anniversary and the husband and I decided that we wanted to go sailing over to the beautiful island of St. John. When we arrived at Morningstar Charters we found out that there would be one other couple sailing with us that day, and of course the Captain and his… Continue reading Sailing in St. John

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A Perfect Day on Kauai

I have been missing Kauai lately, so today I'm dedicating a post to this beautiful island. My perfect day in Kauai would consist of: Some Beach Time: (that should be a given, right? After all, it is Hawaii!) Depending on the weather, I would head to the North Shore and lounge on one of the… Continue reading A Perfect Day on Kauai

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The NaPali Coast-A Dream within a Dream

Since today is a day dedicated to love and romance, I wanted to reflect on one of the most romantic moments in my life. It was 2009, and I had just accomplished one of my life-long goals: earning my Bachelor’s degree. After the graduation parties and celebrations, my boyfriend and I traveled to Kauai, Hawaii. We wanted to… Continue reading The NaPali Coast-A Dream within a Dream