Happy Halloween, my lovelies!

I love Halloween: the decorations, the scary movies, the good food, the beer, the candy, the dressing-up, there are so many reasons why Halloween is such a fun holiday.

Every Halloween, we always dress up our dogs. Poor things.  😉 Just kidding, they love it, at least that’s what I tell myself. They might not love the laughing that is directed at them, but they love the attention.

Stay Puft {Marshmallow Man} & the Slimer
The Slimer & a Ghostbuster
Ghostbuster & Stay Puft
Shark & Lobster
Shark Attack!!!!
Pumpkin Pug
“Arrrrrrrgh! Matey” My Pirate Pug
She hated that hat…

My husband and I carved pumpkins last weekend. Here’s my work of art:

Jack Skellington

Happy Halloween!

Are you dressing up?

9 thoughts on “Trick-Or-Treat”

    1. Thanks! We made those dog Ghostbuster costumes. I was quite impressed with myself as I usually have no creative/craft ability. 😉 We can’t wait for next year! Thanks for stopping by!

  1. The pirate one is by far the funniest one ever. Gizmo absolutely hated the hat with the dread locks. We also couldn’t help but laugh and she thought we was laughing at her and got upset. Kinda sad.

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