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Aloha in Paradise-My Top 5

With its 30 miles of breathtaking beaches, cool ocean breezes, popular resorts, famous snorkeling spots, endless waterfalls, mystical rainbows, and gorgeous sunsets, it's no secret that the Valley Isle, also known as the Magic Isle, is easy to fall in love with. A few years ago, my husband and I spent two weeks on this… Continue reading Aloha in Paradise-My Top 5

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Maui-The Road to Hana

In the middle of the Pacific ocean on a tiny tropical island, there is a 52 mile stretch of road known as The Road to Hana. The Hana Highway has around 59 bridges, the majority of them being only one lane wide, and over 620 curves. The fact is, when you drive this highway, your… Continue reading Maui-The Road to Hana

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A Hawaiian Safari Adventure

While planning our honeymoon to Maui last year, I came across a website called Safari Boat Excursions. I was looking for a day out on the ocean, and this website promised to take us around Maui's neighboring island of Lana'i on "an adventure to see places that fewer than 1% of tourists to Maui ever see."… Continue reading A Hawaiian Safari Adventure

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It’s Been a Year?!

This time last year my world was a little crazy. I had three weeks left until I married the man of my dreams, and the list of final items to check off of the wedding list seemed to grow by the second. The night before the wedding my (now) husband and I ordered pizza and… Continue reading It’s Been a Year?!

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Beating the Sun to the top of Haleakala

It was 3:00 in the morning when my alarm began to go off. I could instantly hear the roar of the ocean above the alarm and I remembered where we were. We were in Paradise. We had arrived in Maui the day before, and after the long day of travel, the last thing I wanted… Continue reading Beating the Sun to the top of Haleakala