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Weekly Photo Challenge-My 2012 in pictures

As the year begins to come to a close many people often take a moment to reflect and to look back on their lives and everything that has happened over the last year. To reflect on the good, the bad, the funny, and the moments they wish they could relive again and again. My husband… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge-My 2012 in pictures

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St. Lucia: Never Never Land

St. Lucia: "It's as close to Never Never Land as you can find." --Caribbean Travel & Life After my trip to St. Lucia (pronounced Loo-sha) I am happy to announce that it ranks up at the top of my travel list; right next to St. John and Kauai. When I saw the quote above, I… Continue reading St. Lucia: Never Never Land

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It’s Been a Year?!

This time last year my world was a little crazy. I had three weeks left until I married the man of my dreams, and the list of final items to check off of the wedding list seemed to grow by the second. The night before the wedding my (now) husband and I ordered pizza and… Continue reading It’s Been a Year?!