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St. Maarten Wish List

When we traveled to St. Maarten back in June, our day ended all too quickly. We had so much fun on that tiny island, and when we go back to visit I want to make sure that we do the following things: Eat delicious food on the French side of the island. (I'm thinking pastries, hors… Continue reading St. Maarten Wish List

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St. Maarten: What’s not to Love?

St. Maarten: What's not to Love? St. Maarten is found on the northeastern end of the Caribbean. Just south of Anguilla, east of Puerto Rico, and slightly north of St. Kitts. This tiny island is the smallest island in the world with two separate and distinctive countries occupying its land. On the north side of the island is St. Martin,… Continue reading St. Maarten: What’s not to Love?

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It’s Been a Year?!

This time last year my world was a little crazy. I had three weeks left until I married the man of my dreams, and the list of final items to check off of the wedding list seemed to grow by the second. The night before the wedding my (now) husband and I ordered pizza and… Continue reading It’s Been a Year?!