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Jungle Secrets in Maui

It was shortly after 3:00pm when we loaded all of the groceries into the back of our dark-grey Jeep convertible and then started our adventure along the Road to Hana. For most travelers, starting the Road to Hana at 3:00 in the afternoon would be a no-go; it's a long, curvy, and adventure packed road-trip and you typically… Continue reading Jungle Secrets in Maui

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The Road to Hana: Pipiwai Trail and the Seven Sacred Pools

When I asked Cody what he wanted to do on this trip to Maui, he said he wanted to go on a hike. Of course a ten-minute (risk-filled) jaunt to Kihalulu wasn't going to suffice. 😉 During my research, I read about a hike through a beautiful bamboo forest with a 400-foot waterfall to reward those who… Continue reading The Road to Hana: Pipiwai Trail and the Seven Sacred Pools

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Maui-The Road to Hana

In the middle of the Pacific ocean on a tiny tropical island, there is a 52 mile stretch of road known as The Road to Hana. The Hana Highway has around 59 bridges, the majority of them being only one lane wide, and over 620 curves. The fact is, when you drive this highway, your… Continue reading Maui-The Road to Hana

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Islands of Beauty

All of the Hawaiian Islands are beautiful; however, each island has its own kind of “beauty.” It is fascinating how each island is so different from one another. When I think of Hawaii I think of lush, tropical jungles, pristine beaches, hammocks, along with delicious mai tai’s, lava flows, and shave ice. From my travels,… Continue reading Islands of Beauty