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Ramblings of a Solo Traveler

Last week, I traveled alone for the first time in ten years. I found it interesting how something as simple as having a travel companion can be so easily taken for granted. In my experience, traveling alone isn’t that bad; of course, I would rather have my (part-time comedian) husband along for the adventure. Overall, I’ve realized that people are generally friendly and are willing to strike up a conversation if you take the time.

Looking over the Venetian property on a warm April evening

The biggest complaint that I’ve heard about traveling alone is eating meals by yourself. My simple fix: sit at the bar. The bartenders are usually up for conversation and you always see a good show (I love watching how they make the drinks). And the best part, you don’t have to wait for a table.

"Wastin' Away Again..."

There were a few things that were more prevalent during my time as a solo traveler, such as:

  • The happy couples. They are more noticeable when you are sitting by yourself at the airport. It made me wish that my husband was sitting next to me. (Damn happy couples… get a room) 😉
  • Technology is your best friend!
    • That inside joke that must be shared: a simple text to my husband and he was back at the house laughing with me.
    • Missing my puppies: an easy connection to wi-fi allowed me to have a Face Time chat with the family–sure they were confused as to why their mom was stuck inside the computer screen, but it was better than nothing.
    • Maps on the iPhone showed me where to go, so I was never lost;
    • and the Yelp app on my phone guided my restaurant selections so I never went hungry. 🙂 (Yelp is an app that allows you to search for nearby restaurants. It provides reviews, prices, and menus in an easy to use format).
  • Kindness goes a long way. (This applies to everyone, not just solo travelers!) A simple hello or smile provides a human connection in a world full of strangers.

Do you travel alone? What tips do you have for the solo traveler?

7 thoughts on “Ramblings of a Solo Traveler”

  1. I do miss traveling with a very large groups of couples and family when I was in Italy. I always enjoy traveling with my girl and family. It’s only in America that I travel alone, and I have gotten used to it. I’ve written on my blog that traveling with companies is better than solo flight. Obvious advantage of being alone, however, is more exploring time because you don’t have to wait or mind other people.

  2. I think traveling alone is great. A lot more freedom to plan your days (or not plan) and you meet some interesting people. One thing I’ve discovered is that most people are really in the same boat as you so approaching someone and starting a conversation is quite easy and welcomed 🙂
    Hope you are having a great time!

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