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Aloha, Adventurers!

Aloha my friends!

We just returned home from our visit to Madame Pele’s Palace on the Big Island. This trip was full of awesomeness and some of our most memorable moments to date (I cannot wait to share!). From the lush jungles of Pahoa, to the sunny shores of Kona, and all the diverse ecosystems packed in between, we enjoyed all that the Big Island has to offer (especially the bright, sunny, 80 degree days).

Punalu'u Beach

I have so many new adventures to share with you over the next few weeks but before we jump in — fins first — I wanted to take this next week to finish our Southwestern Road Trip. If you recall, I started sharing this adventure before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and I figure that I should probably complete the series before I move on to our most recent adventures.

For now, I bring you warmth, happiness, and Aloha straight from our favorite place on Earth.


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