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Nassau, Bahamas

Our day in Nassau was full of fun and adventure. Aside from the heart pounding, fear inducing, snorkel adventure, we were able to take a tour around the island of New Providence. The drivers in this town are wild, to say the least. We hung on to our seats as our tour bus weaved in and out of traffic and around the tight corners of this populated city.

The downtown area is very compact. The streets twist and turn and a lot of the buildings are constructed right next to the road. In fact, most of the buildings had some sort of damage due to previous car accidents at the location.

The architecture in Nassau is fascinating. Houses blurred by with colors of bright blue, hot pink, electric yellow, and lime green decorating the elaborate construction. Fences, which were basically cement walls, surrounded the magnificent houses and wrought iron gates provided a glimpse of the hidden details on the other side.

Our tour bus happened to drive by the hotel that my parents were married at close to twelve years ago. I wish we would have had enough time to walk down to the beach that they were married on. Unfortunately, there was not enough time. Before heading back to port we stopped by the straw market downtown. The people of the Bahamas are very friendly and have a “no problem, man” attitude (said with my best Bahamian accent). No rush, no worries, just a relaxed and fun attitude…unless you happen to be driving. 😉

Atlantis Resort

I wish we would have had a little bit more time in port so we could have walked the 65 steps up to the top of the Queen’s Staircase in order to see the magnificent views of the island. I also wanted to visit Parliament Square which is known for the brightly painted pink buildings with white trim. I guess I will save those for my next trip to Nassau.

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