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Serenity in Island Park

I have been through Island Park many times, usually on my way up to Yellowstone. I have even camped out a few miles north at Henry’s Lake, however, I had never actually stayed in Island Park, until this weekend. And to be honest, I can’t believe that I have not visited before!

Driving up to Island Park

The scenery is breathtaking, and everything you would expect to see at a mountain reservoir: a beautiful lake surrounded on all sides by pine trees and mountains. The weather last weekend was perfect; the sun was out in full force and the bright blue sky had intermittent clouds to cool things down. And just incase you were still too hot, the lake was nice and chilly. We spent the day boating, wakeboarding, and riding jet-skis with the family. (I had a knee injury close to two years ago on the wakeboard and I’m happy to say that this weekend I was able to “ride again”. I put away all fear and nervousness and got back out there. It was a great feeling).

Island Park Reservoir

The cabins up there are amazing. My family kept teasing Cody and I, asking us when we were going to buy a family vacation house on the lake (I wish! I guess we’ll all keep dreaming for a very long time). After a fun day in the sun we went back to camp to fill up on the best kabobs I’ve had in a while, and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better my brother began making Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler. It was to die for.

They had too much fun

The next morning I woke up early and took my walking partner, my pug Dexter, down to the lake. We sat on the dock as I enjoyed the beauty around us and watched the sun rise higher in the sky. The lake was calm, I could see mist rising off of the lake, and I could hear the birds and little critters beginning to stir. I love mornings in the wilderness, it is always so peaceful and serene.

Early morning walk

A quiet morning in Island Park

I can’t wait to go back next year…

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