Lake Powell, Utah
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Lake Powell, Utah: Where it all Began

Many times I have asked myself where (and when) I caught the travel bug. Ever since I can remember, I’ve yearned for exploration and I often find myself wondering about what else is out there. As you know, my fear of not having enough time to explore this amazing place we call Earth is a… Continue reading Lake Powell, Utah: Where it all Began

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Serenity in Island Park

I have been through Island Park many times, usually on my way up to Yellowstone. I have even camped out a few miles north at Henry's Lake, however, I had never actually stayed in Island Park, until this weekend. And to be honest, I can't believe that I have not visited before! The scenery is… Continue reading Serenity in Island Park

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Shark Bait

As promised, I am writing about our thrilling yet dangerous adventure that we went on last week while visiting the Bahamas. While researching excursions for our visit to Nassau, I came across a company called Stuart Cove’s. They advertise “The World’s most exciting underwater adventure!” and of course I was intrigued. Stuart Cove's is a… Continue reading Shark Bait