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Travel Tips Thursday-Leaving Home

Our vacations over the last few years have been vastly different: camping in the Pacific Northwest, beach time on exotic islands, sightseeing through the National Parks, attending professional football games, cruising around the Bahamas as well as the Southern Caribbean, trying our luck in the City of Sin, and more. The one thing I’ve realized is that no matter where our final destination, I find myself packing the same essential items (besides the obvious things like clothing, makeup, and toiletries). My list includes:


I’m all about wrinkle prevention, no matter where I’m at. 😉

Camera and charger

I’m surprised by how many people forget or decide to leave their cameras at home. You are missing the opportunity to capture valuable memories my lovelies!

My Travel Journal

Haven’t read about the benefits of having a Travel journal? Click on the link above now.

Sunscreen (or at least lotion with SPF)

My iPhone

Let’s face it, without the maps feature and GPS, I would be lost more often than I like to admit. 😉 

What am I missing? What’s always on your vacation packing list?

3 thoughts on “Travel Tips Thursday-Leaving Home”

  1. On my take-along list? A good, thick book. No matter how great you plan, there’s always a wrinkle. Delayed flight. Lost luggage. Stolen camera. Then, you wait… and wait…

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