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Welcome to Fiji: Where Happiness Finds You

After our 10-hour, red-eye flight from LAX, we arrived on Fiji’s main island of Nadi, and as we stepped off the plane — jetlagged and blurry eyed — our senses awakened. The scent of the tropics hung in the humid air and our excitement increased as we made our way through customs and to our waiting transportation.

We had made it to paradise.

For our week-long anniversary adventure, we decided to spend our time on Tokoriki Island — nestled at the end of the Mamanuca island-chain just off the western coast of Nadi. So after leaving the airport we drove to Port Denarau and boarded a catamaran for our hour-long ride to our final destination: the Sheraton Tokoriki Resort and Spa.

South Sea Cruises, Fiji Tokoriki Island, Fiji

Once we arrived to Tokoriki Island, we stepped off the catamaran into a dreamy postcard. We were welcomed to the resort by a long stretch of white sand, swaying palm trees, and a lush jungle backdrop, and the resort staff sang as they played a welcome song on their ukuleles. “Bula! Welcome Home!” they exclaimed as they presented shell leis and ice-cold welcome drinks.

‘Bula’ similar to ‘aloha’ in Hawaiian, has multiple meanings, but it is most commonly used as “hello.”

Sheraton Tokoriki Resort & Spa, Fiji

Sheraton Tokoriki Resort & Spa, Fiji

The Sheraton Tokoriki Resort and Spa is a luxury beach-front resort with three restaurants, a fantastic pool, a spa and fitness center, the cutest mini-golf course nestled into the tropical surroundings, and a postcard-worthy white-sand beach with excellent snorkeling just off-shore. And for the perfect honeymoon getaway, the resort offers 30 adult-only rooms for a kid-free experience (if you’re into that kind of thing). 😉

The bungalow-style rooms are modern with a Fijian twist. And my favorite detail in the room was the floor to ceiling glass wall in the shower which brought the outside in (without sacrificing privacy).

How could we not love this resort?

Sheraton Tokoriki Resort & Spa Sheraton Tokoriki Resort & Spa Sheraton Tokoriki Resort & Spa

After adventurous days island hopping, scuba diving, and snorkeling, we were able to completely relax back at the resort; and some days, the hardest decision we faced was deciding between the beach or the pool. During our stay, we lived by the motto, “We’re on Fiji Time! No Hurries, No Worries” and the Sheraton Tokoriki Resort was the perfect home-base.

“We’re on Fiji Time! No Hurries, No Worries.”

And without question, Tokoriki has the most amazing sunsets we’ve ever seen. Each evening the sky was painted in the most amazing colors — bright pinks, neon oranges, and deep reds streaked across the sky creating the most mesmerizing light-show. It was the perfect send off for another bucket list day in paradise.

Tokoriki Sunset, FijiFiji sunset

And if we weren’t spoiled enough with the sunsets, the sunrises were just as incredible. Some of our favorite memories from this trip are the quiet moments we shared as we sat on the beach and watched these magical spectacles unfold twice a day.

Fiji sunrise Fiji Sunrise Fiji Sunrise

We were lucky enough to spend one week in Fiji and when we began planning our trip we considered splitting our time between two separate Fijian islands; however, we ultimately decided on taking it slow and spending the week on one island. During our stay we agreed that we made the right decision as Tokoriki provided the perfect balance between adventure and relaxation. We’ll save the next island for next time. Vinaka, Fiji!

Is Fiji on your Bucket List?

7 thoughts on “Welcome to Fiji: Where Happiness Finds You”

  1. What a trip, Krystle! So glad you made it to Fiji for your anniversary and had such an amazing time 🙂 Those sunsets and sunrises look gorgeous 😀

    1. Hi Melissa,
      Yes! We met so many couples from Australia. If we were a three to four hour flight away I would visit often as well! 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by.

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