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Guest Post-Travel Tips Thursday

It’s been a while since my last Travel Tips Thursday post and Miss Jordan over at Meet Me in Paradise has been gracious enough to share some of her favorite travel tips today. Enjoy!

Hi All! It’s Jordan from Meet Me in Paradise. I’m so thrilled Krystle asked me to step in and write a guest post today. I have been a dedicated reader of her blog since pretty much the beginning. Since I love reading all about her amazing travel adventures, I wanted to keep this post in the same theme. Krystle is full of wonderful travel tips which have inspired me, and I know you all enjoy them, so I decided to join in on the fun by telling you all some of my travel tips that I live by.

Map it
Map it out before you arrive

Plan in advance- When going on any trip, it’s best to be prepared – especially if you are going for a short period of time. Let’s face it, most of us can’t take 3 weeks off per vacation, our jobs and wallets won’t allow it. Pretty much anywhere you go will have too many places to see or too many things to do in just a few days. Do research in travel books or on websites like, or simply ask people who have been there. Pick out the things that are most important to you, and make them happen.

While lounging is fun, seeing the world is more fun!
Lounging; Dominican Republic

Get off your bums and do things– I’m a total beach bum, and would be totally fine laying on a lounge and drinking a tropical drink all day. But, I can do that on Jones Beach, or on my balcony. Any time I have gone on excursions, they have ended up being the highlight of my trip. While lounging is fun, seeing the world is more fun! Make sure you make time in your trip for both.

The Equator, the middle of the world. To the left is the Northern Hemisphere and to the right is the Southern Hemisphere.
The Equator, The Middle of the World. To the left is the Northern Hemisphere and to the right is the Southern Hemisphere; Ecuador

Do and see things that are original to your vacation destination- So many places have locations, foods, architecture, museums etc that can be completely original to that area. Something you can’t see anywhere else. Even though these places are normally filled with tourists, do these things! You may never have the chance again. If you are going to Australia, go snorkeling in the great barrier reef, if you’re going to Egypt, see the pyramids.. you get the idea.

Swimming with Sea Turtles; Barbados
Swimming with Sea Turtles; Barbados

Step outside of your comfort zone– Be adventurous; not everyone needs to be as adventurous as Krystle and swim with sharks, but you can be adventurous in your own way! Experience culture. Keep an opened mind. Eat the local foods. Do things that you wouldn’t normally do at home.

My favorite keepsake; Sand
My favorite keepsake; Sand

Bring home a keepsake– Treasure the little things. Everywhere you go, you should bring something home to remind you of your vacation. No matter what it is, a small token is great to have. My favorite keepsake of all time is sand. Each beach that I go to, I bring about half a cup of sand home with me. This collection just makes me smile and makes me remember the happy memories that were made on that vacation.

Hope these simple tips help you in planning your next vacation!

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Great tips, Jordan! I have always been a fan of your sand collection, it is so cool! Aren’t Jordan’s photos amazing? You can view more of her great photos and check out the rest of her blog at: Meet Me In Paradise, I know you’ll love it just as much as I do.

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