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A Bucket List

It’s probably no surprise, but I love reading bucket lists.

I love that every list I read is different from the last. New places, new adventures, new perspectives on life. When reading through others lists I feel that I get a small glimpse into that person’s life: I read about their wants, wishes, adventures, experiences, all which capture the essence of that individual.

My bucket list continues to grow each and every day. When I am able to cross off one item on my list, I feel that I’m adding another three items to the list.

In my case, I feel that there’s always more out there to experience and I worry that I will never have enough time to completely cross off every item. That’s the irony. The more I experience, the more my eyes are opened. The more my eyes are opened, the more I want to experience and see for myself. It’s a never-ending cycle. Not that it’s a bad cycle, but a cycle nonetheless.

So I ask you, if you have a bucket list what are you doing to make those dreams come true?

Hibiscus-GoalSee my updated bucket list here.

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