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A Favorite Afternoon Getaway

One of our favorite areas around Salt Lake City is the small mountain town located about twenty minutes away from home: Park City, Utah. My husband and I have found ourselves up in Park City a lot as of late. Whether it’s for something specific like going to dinner or shopping, enjoying a weekend full of fun, or just an afternoon drive to “get away” we love spending our free time in this quiet old Mining town.

I’ve reviewed Leavenworth, Washington on the blog before, and really enjoyed the Bavarian theme of the town–to me, it was like stepping back in time. Just as Leavenworth is full of Bavarian flare and intricately decorated buildings, Park City has a distinct Mining feel, almost Wild West-ish. Most of the buildings downtown incorporate wooden beams and steel in order to capture the town’s history rooted in Silver mining.

The photos below were taken during some of our recent getaways. Welcome to Park City, Utah:

Park City-1

Park City 1-1
The beginning of the beautiful fall colors
Park City 4-1
Found our second Banksy in Park City

Park City 3-1

Park City 8-1
A fence only found in a ski paradise
Park City 7-2
Store front along Main Street

Park City 9-1

Park Ciy 10-1

Park City 12-1

Park City 11-2

Park City Mountain Resort
Park City Mountain Resort–taken a few weeks back

Have you ever been to Park City? Where’s your favorite close-to-home getaway?

5 thoughts on “A Favorite Afternoon Getaway”

  1. Beautiful photos! I’ve been wanting to visit Park City ever since I moved to Colorado since it’s in driving distance but haven’t made it yet. Steamboat Springs and Aspen are both within 2 hours of my house and they’re my favorite nearby getaways. Ahhh, mountain towns 🙂

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